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The Hourglass Translation

Your business is my business

The Hourglass Translation is an English to French language service specializing in working with medical services and development companies. I have a passion for working with clients who wish to make a positive impact in the world through advocacy, research, service or philanthropy. With a focus on quality and speed, my translations aim to make the maximum impact.

Areas of expertise

I translate documents, reports, policies, brochures, websites, manuals and research for values-based organizations. By helping others get their important information out to other communities, it is one of the ways I contribute.
I love feeling like I am part of the solution.

I am particularly passionate about working with clients who promote:

  • medical devices and the science of implants
  • human rights
  • the environment
  • development policies
  • solutions to health challenges
  • political activism

Medical field:

Instructions for Use:

  • CO2 laser systems
  • Catheters, laparoscopy instrumentation
  • Dental implant systems
  • Radiation protection systems
  • Antibodies for IVD use

Orthopedic implants:

  • Hip replacements
  • Knee replacements
  • Spinal implants
  • Arthroplasty
  • Augmentation/reduction systems
  • Instrumentation

Educational materials for surgery patients MRI warnings

Surgery product websites & marketing materials

Development field:

Program reports:

  • Protecting Human Rights in Haiti

Research reports:

  • Role of Religious Actors in Development Programs in Senegal
  • Impacts of Massive Aerial Spraying on Health and the Ecosystems

Newsletters on Human Rights

Seminar materials:

  • Speaker biographies
  • Background documents
  • Slides

Microfinance interviews (transcriptions, translations)

Child Protection Policies

Equal Employment Opportunity Policies

With a focus on quality and speed,

my translations aim to make the maximum impact.
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